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Using the Avonni Activity Timeline for Opportunity Field History

🌟 It's time for another exciting blog post where we share our favorite tips and tricks for the Avonni Flow Screen Components library. This week, we're diving into how to use the Avonni Activity Timeline flow screen components to display field history tracking for the Opportunity object. It's a fantastic visual way to showcase all the changes made on an opportunity. Let's get started! 🔧

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Enable Field History Tracking:⚠️ Make sure to check the Track Field History checkbox for the Object you want to track.
  2. Create a Record ID Variable:1️⃣ Create a record ID variable to store the current record Id variable.
  3. Get Opportunity History Records:2️⃣ Create a Get Record on the Opportunity History object 📚.3️⃣ Filter Opportunity records based on the Opportunity ID field equal to our record ID variable 🔎.4️⃣ Sort the Opportunity History Records by descending created date and display all records.
  4. Add the Avonni Activity Timeline Component:5️⃣ Add a screen element with the Avonni Activity Timeline component 📅.
  5. Configure the Avonni Activity Timeline Component:6️⃣ Configure the Avonni Activity Timeline component :🔀 Set orientation to vertical🔄 Sorted direction: Desc🔢 Max visible Items: 5📊 Select the Get Opportunity Histories source collection as our Data Source🔗 Configure the Data Mappings with:
Title: Stage NameDate: Created DateFields: Amount, Previous Amount, Probability, and Close Date.
  1. Add the Flow to the Opportunity Record Page:7️⃣ Add the flow to the object record page using App Builder:
  • Open the record page of the Opportunity object in App Builder.
  • Drag and drop the Flow component onto the desired location on the page.
  • Select your configured flow from the list.
  • Check the "Pass record ID into this variable" checkbox to ensure the correct record ID is passed to the flow.

🎉 Voila! You now have a visually appealing way to display the field history in the History-related list of the Opportunity object. The best part? You can apply these tips and tricks to other use cases for objects with field tracking history activated! 🎯


Stay tuned for more weekly tips and tricks on using the Avonni Flow Screen Components library, and remember to share your insights and experiences with the Salesforce community! 💬 Happy Trailblazing!

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Using the Avonni Activity Timeline Flow Screen Components for Opportunity Field History

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