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Avonni Component Builder
A powerful new way to create Lightning Components with Flow Builder.

Avonni Component Builder is the most powerful tool Salesforce Admins have in their hands. With access to specifically crafted custom Flow Screen Components, Avonni Component Builder is giving Salesforce Admins similar powers that developers have.

40+ Flow Screen Components

Avonni Component Builder comes with a suite of custom Flow Screen Components specifically designed to work with Flow Builder.

Access to a bunch of interaction actions

You’ll find all types of interactions you need to make your component interacting with your Salesforce.

Make the UI your own

Use the advanced theming feature to easily change a flow screen component’s layout, background color, text, borders and more.

Avonni Designer
Create your Salesforce prototypes in minutes.

Avonni Designer is the only platform you need to design and prototype Salesforce Apps. With powerful features like drag-and-drop usability and a stunning library of UI components, you can create a beautiful, interactive prototype in minutes.

Automatic Code Generation

Avonni Designer automatically generates all the code you need including HTML, Javascript and CSS code.

Visual Styling Hooks CSS editor

Take control of all the Styling Hooks properties using our easy-to-use visual editor.

Salesforce integration

Streamline your work with Salesforce integration. Export your components with one-click.

Avonni Base Components
The Lightning Components library you always wanted.

Get access to a rich set of customizable pre-made components and extend the possibilities of what you can create on the Salesforce platform.

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