3 Game-Changing Features

When it comes to enhancing your experience with Salesforce Screen Flows, the Avonni Flow Components library is an invaluable tool.

When it comes to enhancing your experience with Salesforce Screen Flows, the Avonni Flow Components library is an invaluable tool. Today, we're diving deep into three features that often fly under the radar, yet have the potential to revolutionize how you use and build Salesforce screen flows. Let's dive in!

1. Dynamic Attributes: Streamlining Changes

Imagine a feature that allows you to make swift modifications to specific parts of the Avonni Flow Components. That's precisely what Dynamic Attributes offer. These nifty features enable you to make changes based on set conditions or values, eliminating the need for time-consuming, multiple steps.

Real-world Use: If you're crafting a Data Table and wish to display a specific column only for accounts marked as 'Technology' in the industry field, Dynamic Attributes come to the rescue. This tool acts as a toggle, displaying or hiding columns based on specific criteria, ensuring that your Data Table is always tailored to your requirements.

2. Delay Interaction Component: Enhancing User Experience

With the Delay Interaction Component, your screen flows just got a lot more sophisticated. This feature runs in the background, triggering predefined interactions or actions without the end user ever realizing it. Whether it's launching confetti when a user completes a task or presenting a user guide based on certain criteria, this component ensures a smooth and engaging user experience.


  • Automated User Onboarding: New users are greeted with a welcome guide, leading them through the essential steps of a new app or feature.
  • Behavior-Based User Prompts: The system intelligently prompts users based on their behavior. For instance, the user might receive a gentle reminder if a task is left undone.

With numerous interactions offered by Avonni Components, the potential applications for this feature are limitless!

3. Avonni Actions: Ready-To-Use Functional Enhancements

The Avonni Components come loaded with over 20 plug-and-play actions. Think of these as a toolkit, each designed to amplify Avonni Components' capabilities.


  • Component Collections: Instead of individually setting up steps for each component, you can establish a universal 'collection'. This standardized list can then be used across various components, ensuring consistency.
  • Math Made Easy: The Avonni Collection Math Action automatically calculates specified fields. No more manual calculations!

Final Words

As we navigate the expansive world of Salesforce, tools like the Avonni Flow Components library emerge as invaluable allies. The features we've discussed today go beyond mere aesthetics. They're about functionality, adaptability, and efficiency.

Our vision at Avonni has always been clear: to provide tools that augment Salesforce's potential, enabling smoother and more versatile projects. It's gratifying to witness our progress and understand how these components aid Salesforce users from various technical backgrounds.

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Uncovering the Power of Avonni Flow Components: 3 Game-Changing Features

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