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Avonni Tabs: Quick Overview

In this blog post, discover how Avonni Tabs Flow Screen Component enhances user experience and streamlines development for screen flows.

What is the Avonni Tabs Flow Screen Component?

The Avonni Tabs Flow Screen Component is a pre-built, customizable UI component to create tabs in your screen flow. With this component, users can switch between different tabs to view and interact with different screen flow components, making it an excellent choice for organizing complex flows and improving user experience.

How to configure it?

Configuring the Avonni Tabs component is easy and can be done using the set component visibility functionality integrated into Flow Builder. This allows you to set a component visibility for a screen component so it is displayed only on specific tabs using the tab value name. To configure the Avonni Tabs flow screen component, select the component from the list of available components in the Flow Builder. Next, set each component's visibility by selecting the tab value name where the component should be displayed. This feature allows you to show or hide components based on the displayed tab, creating a dynamic and personalized user experience.

Customize your tabs your way

The Avonni Tabs component is a versatile and fully customizable solution for displaying multiple pieces of information on a single page. With the Avonni Tabs component, each tab can have its label, tooltip, caption, icons, and more, allowing you to create a tailored user experience for your users. This feature enables you to provide users with easy navigation and quick access to the information they need, resulting in a streamlined and efficient workflow.

In addition to the customizable tab options, the Avonni Tabs component also allows setting the tabs horizontally or vertically. You can also make the tab set scrollable, useful when displaying many tabs. 

Furthermore, Avonni Tabs provides a wide range of styling options to help you fully customize the look and feel of your tabs. You can choose from predefined styles or create custom styles to match your brand or specific requirements. With Avonni Tabs, you have complete control over the visual aspects of your interface, ensuring that it looks and feels precisely as you envisioned.

Why Use the Avonni Tabs Flow Screen Component?

Here are some reasons why you should use the Avonni Tabs Flow Screen Component:

  • Enhanced User Experience: Avonni Tabs can help create a more user-friendly interface by organizing information into tabs, making it easy for users to navigate through different sections.
  • Increased Efficiency: With Avonni Tabs, you can display a large amount of information on a single page, reducing the need for users to navigate to different pages or screens, resulting in a more efficient workflow.
  • Customization: Avonni Tabs is fully customizable, with the ability to set the tab orientation, make it scrollable, and choose from various styling options, ensuring that your interface looks and feels precisely as you envisioned.
  • Flexibility: Avonni Tabs can be used in a wide range of use cases, from simple to complex interfaces, and can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of your project.
  • Easy Configuration: With the integrated set component visibility functionality, configuring the Avonni Tabs Flow Screen Component is a breeze, making it easy to set component visibility for a screen component to be displayed only on specific tabs using the tab value name.


The Avonni Tabs Flow Screen Component is an excellent choice to improve user experience and streamline development. With its customizable tabs and intuitive interface, the component enables developers to create highly-functional screen flows easily. Additionally, the component is highly scalable, allowing you to add and remove tabs as needed without starting from scratch.

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Avonni Tabs: Quick Overview

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