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Avonni Flow Screen Components 3.0

We are super excited to kickstart the season with a new release. This huge update unfurls a collection of trailblazing components

Say Hello to Summer with Avonni Flow Screen Components 3.0 - A Blizzard of Enhanced Features and User Experience

Riding the summer waves, we're thrilled to introduce Avonni Flow Screen Components 3.0! This new release delivers groundbreaking components, boosted functionalities, and a delightful user experience, set to transform your Salesforce Flows. Plus, we're topping the summer with almost 60 flow screen components! Prepare to dive into the new, energized world of Avonni Flow Screen Components.

Introducing the Summer Blockbusters

Our Version 3.0 fires up three new components, destined to become the superstars of your Salesforce user interface:

  • Audio Player: Let the symphony play on your Salesforce interface with our dynamic Audio Player. Harmonizing seamlessly with MP3, WAV, and OGG formats, this component orchestrates an enthralling audio experience.
  • CSV Parser: Streamline your data handling like never before with our CSV Parser. This intuitive interface simplifies parsing and visualizing data within a CSV file on your flow screen.
  • Video Player: Turn your Salesforce interface into a mini-theatre with our Video Player component. Offering compatibility with MP4, WebM, OGG, and even YouTube videos, it promises a multimedia spectacle for your users.

Revamping the Classics

We've given our existing lineup of components a fresh summer makeover with enhanced functionality and user experience:

  • Common: Experience fresh air with the sleek, uniform pagination style now adorning our Data Table, List, and Activity Timeline components.
  • Avatar: Tags on our updated Avatar now respond with an alacrity that is as refreshing as a summer breeze.
  • Avatar Group: Equipped with a new search engine and added filters, this component is all set to redefine user interaction.
  • Button Group: Introducing a cool responsive button menu feature for when space is premium.
  • Combobox: A text collection variable as a data source and a new feature that displays combobox options only upon user search.
  • Data Table: This summer, our Data Table comes loaded with a bevy of new interactions and features including “Export To” and "Update Records" functionalities, a "Rich Text" column with a customizable toolbar, and an integrated header. Moreover, the new “Copy Records” interaction makes transferring data to applications like Excel as easy as a summer breeze.
The new Update Records interaction in action
  • Progress Indicator: The redesigned Progress Indicator now comes with a myriad of new features like the ability to display step label, specify sub steps, and customize icons, adding a splash of excitement to your summer.
New Progress Indicator variant.

Summer Fixes and Builder Updates

Avonni Flow Screen Components 3.0 also offers a slew of important fixes and updates to the Component Builder:

  • Combobox: Experience the smooth sailing of lazy loading for options.
  • Data Table: Bask in the optimized pagination display and enjoy the fixed "Export to" functionality.
  • Property Editor Panel: The ability to view the number of interactions in the tabset is like a summer sunbeam, providing useful insights at a glance.
  • Property Editor Lookup: Now featuring the display of a loop variable, enhancing functionality, and ease of use in a snap.

With the bright summer sun, it's time to bring your Salesforce experience out of the shadows with Avonni Flow Screen Components 3.0. Get ready to bask in a richer, smoother, and more efficient user experience, tailor-made to match your unique needs. And remember, this isn't just a seasonal fling - We are committed to keeping your Salesforce Flows dynamic and efficient, rain or shine.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into our summer release today, make a splash with nearly 60 innovative flow screen components, and ride the wave of groundbreaking features.

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Avonni Flow Screen Components 3.0

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