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Avonni Flow Screen Components 2.3

In this blog post, learn about Avonni Flow Screen Components Library Version 2.3, featuring new components...

Introducing Avonni Flow Screen Components Library Version 2.3 – a groundbreaking update that transforms Salesforce Flow Builder into a truly powerful no-code tool! This blog post will showcase the latest additions, major updates, and vital fixes that redefine your user experience.

New Components

Button Group

The Button Group component allows you to easily create a group of buttons, streamlining the user experience and facilitating effortless navigation through different parts of a flow or process.

Each button in the group can be individually customized with unique labels, colors, and icons to represent specific actions or options. With the power of no-code configuration, the Button Group Flow Screen Component enables you to seamlessly define actions and events triggered by button clicks without writing a single line of code.

Ideal for enhancing user interaction and simplifying complex processes, the Button Group Flow Screen Component is a valuable addition to your Salesforce Flow toolbox, elevating the overall functionality and user experience.

Formatted Address

This new component allows you to display an address alongside a static map, making it easier for users to visualize and understand the location.

Formatted Name

This Flow Screen Component allows you to quickly format and display a person's name. It provides several configuration options, making it simple to customize the name display format to your preferences.

Updated Components

  • Activity Timeline: The description is now displayed as formatted rich text, allowing for improved readability and better presentation.
  • Button Menu: The Button Menu now includes new variants such as brand, brand outline, destructive, destructive-text, and success for a more diverse selection of options.
  • Datatable: For static values, the key field row is now automatically generated, making data management even more convenient.
  • Tabs: Expression values are now allowed for tab labels, offering greater flexibility and customization options.
  • Vertical Visual Picker: You can now specify sub-items for each visual picker item, providing more depth and detail for your selections.

Bug Fixes

  • Date Time Picker: The valueCollection output format has been fixed to ensure proper functionality.
  • Text Area: Categories displayed in the toolbar have been fixed for a smoother user experience.

Component Builder

New Additions

Pull to Boundary: This feature is now available for Alert, Blockquote, Carousel, Datatable, Expandable Section, Header, Hero Banner, Image, List, Map, Scoped Notification, Separator, and Tabs components.

Boosted No-Code Capabilities for Interactions

Some interaction types in Avonni Flow Screen Components library has been significantly upgraded with new options to offer additional choices for defining actions once users engage with the specified interaction.

These enhancements provide you with a powerful, no-code tool to make all your components fully functional and versatile.

Here's a list of the upgraded interaction options:

  • Interaction - Open Confirm: New options have been added to specify actions after the user clicks "Confirm."
  • Interaction - Open Alert Modal: New options are available to specify actions after the user closes the alert modal.
  • Interaction - Open Flow Dialog: Additional options have been added to specify actions after the user finishes and closes the flow.


  • Full Height is now displayed as a button stateful in the toolbar for enhanced visibility.
  • Open Flow Dialog interaction no longer requires the "Avonni Interaction Service" component, streamlining the process.

Bug Fixes

  • Interaction - Open Flow Dialog: Static input variable values are now allowed, resolving previous limitations.


Avonni Flow Screen Components Library Version 2.3 is packed with new features, improvements, and bug fixes, making it a valuable update for users. The new components and enhancements will significantly improve the user experience, providing more flexibility and customization options. Be sure to explore these new features and take advantage of the improved functionality of the Avonni Flow Screen Components Library.

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