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Avonni Flow Screen Components 2.1

This blog post explores the new Avonni Chip Container and updates to existing components for enhanced, visually appealing applications.

Introducing the Avonni Chip Container

The Avonni Chip Container is a flow screen component designed to make it easy to display a set of labeled values or tags in a visually pleasing and easy-to-understand way. It consists of a horizontal row or rows of "chips," which are small, rounded rectangles representing individual values or tags. Each chip typically contains a label or text describing its value.

With the Avonni Chip Container, you can create a more efficient and organized way to display values or tags, making it easier for users to scan and understand the information presented quickly. The component is highly customizable and can be configured to fit the look and feel of your brand or application.

Updates and fixes to existing components

In addition to the new Avonni Chip Container, this release includes several updates and fixes to existing components.

  • Avonni Button has new styling hooks for font size, weight, and style. 
  • Avonni Color Picker now has the option to display the color palette in mode inline.
  • Avonni List has a new option to display a search engine and filters, as well as the ability to add an object fit to the avatar image. 
  • Avonni Metric has new styling hooks for a secondary prefix. 
  • Avonni Visual Picker Link now has the option to display a progress circle or a progress bar and styling hooks for font size and weight.

This release also includes fixes for several components, including

  • Avonni Datatable, which now includes object collection fields in the interaction editor, allows inline editing for the field "Name", and correctly displays search fill in running mode. 
  • Avonni Input Counter has been fixed to correctly align variant "label-inline" when adding a margin to the component. 
  • Avonni List now displays image attributes correctly in running mode. 

Integrated Component Builder

Our integrated Component Builder has new abilities to align the whole component to the left, center, or right and to add margin and padding to a component. Additionally, the Data Collection Lookup component allows the selection of Record Collection variables.

Finally, the Style Editor component has been fixed to add the fallback value to the slds token.

This new release offers a range of new features and fixes that will help you build more efficient and visually pleasing applications. The Avonni Chip Container is an excellent addition to the existing components, and its customization options make it a versatile solution for displaying labeled values and tags. With the continued support and development of Avonni Flow Screen Components Library, you can expect more innovative Flow solutions.

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Introducing the Avonni Chip Container in the Avonni Flow Screen Components Library

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