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Avonni Data Table Flow Components : Quick Overview

In today's world, data plays a crucial role in every aspect of our lives. It's essential to have an efficient and organized system to manage and present data...

In today's digital era, the significance of data in our daily operations cannot be overstated. Managing and presenting this data efficiently becomes paramount. This is where the enhanced Avonni Data Table Flow Screen Component makes a world of difference.

Introducing the Enhanced Avonni Data Table Flow Screen ComponentThis UI component has been revamped to offer a superior interface for managing and visualizing data in a tabular format. The interaction has been enhanced, and the customization possibilities are nearly limitless.

Avonni Data Table vs. Standard Salesforce Data Table: Key Differences

  1. Pagination: The Avonni component now supports built-in pagination, dividing large data chunks into manageable pages.
  2. User Interaction: Enhanced features such as row selection and dynamic sorting make data interaction a breeze.
  3. Infinite Scrolling: As users scroll, more data gets loaded dynamically – a feature absent in the Salesforce counterpart.
  4. Search Utility: With a built-in search box, finding relevant data becomes incredibly straightforward.
  5. Pill Container: This unique feature in Avonni allows users to select multiple items and perform bulk actions.
  6. Data Formatting: Avonni supports diverse data formatting options like currency, percentage, and date/time.

Configuring the Avonni Data Table

  • Get Records: Directs the flow to fetch data from a specific object.
  • Data Source: Determines which dataset will be exhibited to the user.
  • Source Collection: Defines the primary dataset for the component.
  • Data Mapping: Maps source data to specific table columns.

Enhanced Features

  • Pagination: Tailor pagination settings for better data visualization.
  • Pill Container: Display relevant data info using pills.
  • Search Engine: Define which columns should be searchable for user convenience.

Why Avonni Stands Out?

  1. User-friendliness: Intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface.
  2. Superior Data Management: Efficient and organized data handling promotes better decision-making.
  3. High Customization: Tailor the component to match specific application needs.

The New Query Data Source Feature

With Avonni's introduction of the 'Query Mode', components like Data Table, List, Carousel, and Map get a massive boost. Users can now directly craft queries within these components, bypassing the restrictions of Salesforce's conventional 'Get Records'.

Distinguishing 'Get Records' Collection and 'Query Mode':

Both these data retrieval mechanisms have their unique strengths. Here's a closer look:

  • Filters: The revamped Avonni component offers a 'Display as Popover' filter option for a more compact and discreet UI. Also, in the Data Mappings segment, users can now filter data behind the scenes, maintaining the table's appearance.
  • Inline Editing: Empower end-users with real-time data editing capabilities right within the Avonni Data Table interface.

Wrapping Up

The Avonni Data Table Flow Screen Component has transformed how we approach data management and visualization. Its advanced features and ease of use make it an indispensable tool for any organization or individual dealing with data on the Salesforce platform. Don't just manage your data, master it with the Avonni Components Package.

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