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Avonni Components v5 Update

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Avonni Components v5

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Avonni Components v5, packed with features designed to transform your Salesforce Flows and Experience Cloud Sites.

This update brings powerful new components, enhanced customization options, performance improvements, and user-focused refinements.

Let's dive in!

Meet the new Avonni Microphone Component.

Transform how your teams interact with customers and gather information. The Avonni Microphone Component seamlessly embeds voice recording capabilities directly into your Salesforce Screen Flows.

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Avonni Data Table Improvements

  • Wrapped Headers: When dealing with lengthy column headers in your data tables, the "wrap-table-header" attribute saves the day. It intelligently wraps the text within the header cells, guaranteeing that all information stays completely visible and easily understandable.
  • Fine-Tuned Custom Grouping: This update gives you more control over presenting grouped data. The "Custom Order By" option lets you dictate the sequence in which grouped data appears within your tables. Learn more.
  • Effortless Search: Searching within groped data tables becomes more intuitive. As you begin your search, any groups containing matching results automatically expand, instantly spotlighting relevant data and eliminating unnecessary navigation.

Avonni Calendar Upgrades

  • Label Customization: The familiar "Resources" sidebar label can now be adjusted to match your organization's terminology. The calendar can reflect your unique workflow, whether you track "Team Members," "Equipment," or anything else.
  • Event Field Visibility: Configure your calendar view to show additional custom fields whenever you hover over an event. This way, you can obtain details such as case numbers, project priorities, or account summaries without opening the full event record. Learn more.
  • Drag & Drop Rescheduling: Flexibility Redefined Need to adjust an appointment or shift a task? Avonni Calendar makes it intuitively simple. Modify event times and dates by directly dragging and dropping them on the calendar view. Learn more.

Improved Avonni Record Detail: Information displayed within record detail components is now aligned horizontally by default. This change promotes visual clarity and faster reading, ensuring users can quickly find the necessary data.

Customizable Kanban: Make your Kanban boards informative powerhouses. You can add annotation icons and extra details directly to your Kanban item cards.

Avonni Progress Bar: Your Progress, Your Style

  • Gradient Color Options: Express the transitions and stages within your progress bars with custom gradient colors. Learn more.
  • Flexible Positioning: Optimize the readability of your progress bars by fine-tuning the position of their labels.

There's Even More.

Discover further enhancements for a streamlined Salesforce experience:

Click-powered Gallery Interactions: Bring your Avonni Gallery to life on Experience Cloud sites. Now, individual gallery items can trigger custom actions based on user clicks.

Faster, Smoother Configuration: Enjoy a speed boost! We've streamlined the Property Editor for Avonni Components, leading to faster configuration and less waiting.

Flexible Progress Displays: Customize labels on Progress Indicators for improved clarity and tailor progress circle fonts for optimal display. Plus, it is easy to define the current step in Progress Indicators using custom icons.

Visual Enhancements: The Avonni Header now features an avatar border for visual consistency, and Record Detail fields are neatly aligned for easier readability

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Avonni Components v5 Update

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