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Avonni Components V5.1 Update

Discover the new Avonni Biometrics and more.

We're excited to announce the release of Avonni Components v5.1, a significant update packed with powerful enhancements and innovative features designed to elevate your Salesforce Flows and Experience Cloud Sites. Prepare to streamline user experiences, unlock new levels of data visualization, and enhance security. Let's delve into the exciting additions awaiting you!

Empowering Your Salesforce Flows

  • Avonni Biometrics: Next-Level Security: We're introducing robust protection for your Salesforce Flows with our new Biometric component. Users can now securely authenticate using fingerprint or facial recognition directly within the Salesforce mobile app, seamlessly blending security and convenience.
  • Avonni Data Table: Child Relationship Field Display: The Avonni Data Table just got smarter. By integrating related records when using the Query data source, you can now view data from connected objects (e.g., Account details on an Opportunities table) directly within your table. This eliminates the need to switch between tabs, saving you valuable time and providing a more comprehensive view of your data.
  • Avonni Calendar: Color-Coded Resource Filters: We've made resource management in your Avonni Calendar more intuitive. Resource filters now mirror the color coding used in the main calendar view, enabling quicker filtering, clearer organization, and a better understanding of resource allocation at a glance.
  • Avonni CSV Parser: Streamline your CSV file management with the new "Save as Content Document" feature. You can now directly save uploaded CSV files within Salesforce, eliminating the hassle of file juggling. Enjoy easier access, enhanced organization, and powerful document management capabilities, including version control and permission settings.

Enhancing Your Experience Cloud Sites

  • Introducing Button Group Component:Say goodbye to interface clutter with our new Button Group component. Easily group related actions for a cleaner, more intuitive user experience in your Experience Cloud sites.
  • Improvements on the Avonni Accordion:Take your Accordion Sections to the next level with customizable icon backgrounds and flexible icon placement. These new features offer improved readability and a more visually cohesive design for your website visitors.
  • Copy/Paste Styles:Streamline your design process and ensure visual consistency across your site effortlessly. With our new copy/paste style properties feature, replicating the look and feel of one component to another is a breeze.

Ready to Upgrade?

Avonni Components v5.1 is brimming with powerful tools to transform your Salesforce Flows and Experience Cloud Sites. Upgrade today and unlock new possibilities for enhanced productivity, security, and user experience.

As always, we'd love to hear your feedback on these new features!

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