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Avonni Components v4.4

Welcome to the version 4.4 release notes of the Avonni Components App, showcasing a suite of enhancements and new components

Welcome to the version 4.4 release notes of the Avonni Components App, showcasing a suite of enhancements and new components designed to elevate your experience with Flow Builder and Experience Cloud Builder.

NOTE: Due to the rapid release of v4.3 and v4.4, we've consolidated their release notes for a more straightforward review.

Flow Components Updates

Side Panel Filters

The new Side Panel Filters option in the Avonni Data Table and List components boosts user efficiency and refines data presentation.

  • Enhanced Navigation: Filter your data using a convenient side panel that opens to the left or right of the component.
  • Optimized Space: Maximize the display area for your data while maintaining accessible filtering options.
  • User-Friendly Experience: Provide a more intuitive way for users to interact with data filters and customize their view.

Subquery Support

The Query Data source component unlocks the power of semi-join queries. Leverage your filters' IN and NOT IN operators to streamline data retrieval within your Salesforce flows.

Avonni Metrics with Aggregate Functions

Avonni Metrics just got smarter!

Easily calculate averages, maximums, minimums, and totals of your Avonni Metrics directly within the Query Source component. Get the insights you need faster than ever.

Avonni Button and Button Icons

Design buttons that fit your needs

Finely control the visual impact of Avonni Buttons and Button Icons. Choose the optimal icon size (XS, Small, Medium, Large) to enhance usability and clarity within your interface.

Query Data Source on the Avonni Calendar

Make your Avonni Calendar more dynamic!

Now, it taps into the power of the Query Data Source. This means your calendar can update itself based on other actions, making your Salesforce setup way more efficient. Refreshing the calendar after using certain features is a breeze.

Expanded Refresh Query Support for a Dynamic Experience

You can now quickly refresh data in a broader range of Avonni components after completing the "Open Flow Dialog" interaction. This includes:

  • ActivityTimeline
  • AvatarGroup
  • Carousel
  • Calendar
  • ChipContainer
  • Combobox
  • DualListbox
  • Kanban
  • List
  • Map
  • Pill Container
  • VerticalVisualPicker

Why is this cool?

With this feature, your components automatically update with the latest information after a flow is launched. This creates a seamless user experience.

Avonni Timeline

  • We added an "endDate" field with customizable default date ranges for the Horizontal Timeline view.
  • Gain a granular view of your timeline events with the new "Day" grouping option. This feature allows for detailed daily trends and patterns analysis using the vertical timeline.

Style Show More Buttons

We've added styling hooks to customize the "Show More" button appearance. These buttons appear when you enable the "items per page" display setting on supported components.

Miscellaneous updates

  • Visual Picker Link - Add styling hooks to customize the border between avatar and content.
  • Kanban - Add image and avatar attributes.
  • Combobox - Add styling hooks related to the avatar inside the combo box (PrimaryText, secondaryText, ...).

Experience Cloud Components Updates

This new version brings 6 new Avonni Components for Experience Cloud Sites.

Avonni Avatar Group

The Avonni Avatar Group is designed to display a collection of avatars representing users or participants in a cohesive and visually appealing group format. It's an ideal solution for showcasing team members, community participants, or any group of individuals, providing a quick visual reference to the human element behind digital interactions.

Avonni Metric

The Avonni Metric component is designed to display key numerical values or metrics, complete with contextual labels or titles, directly within your digital platform. Ideal for showcasing essential data points or key performance indicators (KPIs), the Avonni Metric component enhances the ability to communicate vital information concisely and visually engagingly to users.

Avonni Calendar

The Avonni Calendar component offers an intuitive and flexible solution for managing and displaying events, tasks, schedules (and any other information from your Salesforce) directly on your Experience Cloud Sites.

Avonni Button Menu

The Avonni Button Menu is now natively integrated into Experience Cloud Sites. This component enhances user navigation by offering a compact and convenient way to access a menu of options directly from a single button.

Avonni Kanban

The Avonni Kanban is now natively integrated within Experience Cloud Sites. This integration brings the power of visual items management directly to your digital experience platform, allowing users to efficiently organize, track, and manage tasks, projects, or any other information through a dynamic and intuitive Kanban board interface.

Avonni Language Selection

We're introducing the Avonni Language Selection component, designed to enhance global accessibility and user engagement on your Experience Cloud Site. This component offers a customizable language selection button, enabling users to navigate your site in their preferred language.

Key attributes include organizing languages into groups for easy access, various styling options to match your site's design, and advanced settings like menu alignment, icon customization, and tooltip integration for a seamless user experience.

The rapid releases of versions 4.3 and 4.4 are a testament to the ongoing development and refinement of these powerful Salesforce tools. Stay up-to-date and explore the new features to see how they can enhance your Salesforce use

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