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Avonni Components 4.0: The Future of Experience Cloud Sites is Here

We're thrilled to unveil Avonni Components 4.0, a significant update to our package that now includes dedicated components for Salesforce Experience Cloud Sites. This version represents a unified solution for multiple Salesforce Builders, integrating seamlessly with both Flow Builder and Experience Cloud Builder, enhancing your Salesforce ecosystem comprehensively.

Elevating the Experience Cloud Ecosystem

Avonni Components have evolved significantly since their inception within Salesforce Flows, largely due to the insightful feedback and innovative applications by our users. We’ve noticed a growing trend of Avonni Components being used within Experience Cloud Sites, typically embedded within a flow. This user adaptation has not only tested the versatility of our components but also highlighted their potential to enhance the functionality and user experience of Experience Cloud Websites.

In response to this user-driven trend, we've expanded our Avonni Components managed package to include a new range of components, specifically crafted for Digital Experience Sites. This addition complements our existing offerings for Flow Builder, aligning with our goal to provide more than just workarounds. These tailor-made solutions are designed for seamless integration across multiple builders, effectively addressing the unique needs of Experience Cloud users. This expanded collection in the same package caters to both Flow Builder and Experience Cloud Websites, offering a unified, smoother, and more integrated user experience without the necessity of embedding separate flows.

Enhanced Components for Unmatched Empowerment

Standard Salesforce components often push the limits of complexity, nudging users toward bespoke development solutions. Avonni Components 4.0 confronts this complexity with a suite of enhancements designed to simplify and streamline. We’re delivering a collection of user-centric, natively integrated components that empower your Experience Cloud Sites, providing both functionality and elegance without the need for extensive coding.

Overview of the Avonni Data Table component for Experience Cloud.

Say Hello to your Building Blocks for Experience Cloud Sites

The Avonni Components 4.0 suite encapsulates more than 27 Avonni Components exclusively crafted for Experience Cloud Sites:

Content Display Components

Engage your audience with a variety of content formats, from Accordion to Video, tailored to enhance the storytelling of your brand.

Data Components

Layout Components

Progress Components

Just like our Avonni Components for Salesforce Flows, every Avonni Component for Experience Cloud Websites is fully customizable. You can tailor their style to match your brand identity and meet your specific needs.

Dedicated to Transparency

Transparency is a core value for us, and we're dedicated to keeping our clients and partners thoroughly updated on our progress. For a clear view of what's coming up, please check out our detailed roadmap. It highlights our upcoming plans and the expected improvements for Avonni Components tailored for Experience Cloud Sites.

The Highlight Reel of Avonni Components 4.0

As we highlight Avonni Components' seamless integration with Experience Cloud, we're also excited to announce new features, enhancements, and bug fixes specifically for Avonni Components within Salesforce Flows, enriching your overall Salesforce experience:

Enhanced Data Tables

  • Inline Editing Support: Inline editing is now added support for combobox within record types and lookups.
Editing Lookup Fields in Action

Refined User Interface

  • Progress Indicator: Now with customizable display options, including the ability to modify or hide the error icon, making it easier to tailor these indicators to your specific design needs.
  • Tabs: Scoped tabs now display borders with clarity, ensuring a crisp, clean look every time.

New Kanban Functionalities

  • Summarize Attributes with Formatting Options: Now, add formatting to summarize values, like currency codes and maximum fraction digits, bringing clarity and precision.
  • Support for Hyperlink Formula Field: Enhance your Kanban boards with hyperlinks directly in formula fields.
  • Group By Record Type: Categorize and visualize your Kanban boards with an added option to group by Record Type, enhancing both organization and clarity.
The Avonni Kanban now supports the Group Field Record Type.

Data Source Enhancements

  • Filtered Picklist Values: Experience pinpoint accuracy by filtering Picklist Values by Record Type, tailored to your data management needs.
Picklist Data Source can now be filtered by record type.

Commitment to Accessibility

  • WCAG 2.1 Compliance: We've reviewed all colors within our components in accordance with the latest WCAG updates, emphasizing accessibility for all users.

Experience the Difference with Avonni Components 4.0

Avonni Components 4.0 transcends being a mere update; it reimagines the Experience Cloud platform as a creative canvas, allowing your visions to come to life seamlessly, free from the constraints of coding. This release is a testament to our commitment to true no-code capabilities on the Salesforce Platform, a commitment that has earned acclaim across the Salesforce community.

We are confident that you will enjoy exploring and utilizing Avonni Components 4.0 as much as we have enjoyed creating it. And the innovation doesn't stop here – keep an eye out for version 4.1, which is just around the corner, bringing even more exciting features and enhancements to further empower your Salesforce experience. With Avonni Components 4.0, the future of intuitive, no-code Salesforce customization is right at your fingertips.

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Avonni Components 4.0: The Future of Experience Cloud Sites is Here

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