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Avonni Components V3.5

We are thrilled to unveil our latest array of enhancements and new features.

Explore the Latest Enhancements in our Recent Release

In our enduring commitment to empower Salesforce administrators and technical architects with superior tools and features, we are thrilled to unveil our latest array of enhancements and new features. Our recent release symbolizes a monumental leap towards redefining user interaction, data management, and navigation experiences within the Salesforce ecosystem.

Avonni Navigation

New Feature:

  • Target Name in "Select" Interaction

Admins can now define specific redirection paths enhancing navigation precision.

Avonni Data Table


  • Automatic refresh following the “Update Records” action to ensure data is always up-to-date.
  • The introduction of the "wrapTextMaxLines" attribute, allowing customization of text wrapping within data tables.
  • Allow setting a 'refresh query' to run automatically after the 'Open Flow Dialog' interaction has been completed, whether it finishes normally, is closed prematurely, or encounters an error.


  • Dynamic adjustment of comboboxes to open in the most space-efficient manner based on the available space in the data table.

Avonni Tabs and Calendar


  • Tabs can now be optionally disabled or hidden, providing improved control over what is visible in the user interface.
  • The calendar has been updated for better performance and usability. Improvements include a more responsive design, better placement of headers and side panels for easier viewing, and fixing the issue of having two scrollbars in the timeline view.
  1. On the Timeline view, display one scroll rather than two.
  2. Add a popover menu to select a date when filtering options are configured.
  3. On the calendar panel, dates with an event are marked.
  4. Adjust the calendar to show the closest date that matches your search or filter criteria.

User Interaction

New Features:

  • Ability to include pre-filled values in the “Create Record” interaction, simplifying the record creation process.
  • Introduction of the “Menu Item Name” as a variable in the Open Flow Dialog interaction.


  • Improved user interaction pathways in various functionalities, offering a smoother and more intuitive user experience.

Query Data Source Functionnality


  • Added the ability to use multi-picklist fields when searching and filtering queries. This allows for a more detailed and specific extraction of data.
  • New options have been added that allow including extra fields in the query that were not previously defined in the data components, making the queries more adaptable and flexible.


  • Ignoring long and rich text fields in queries to streamline the search, filter operations, and to align with Salesforce’s querying capabilities.


This latest iteration unveils new features and multifaceted enhancements, meticulously engineered to bolster user interaction, data table functionalities, and query capabilities within a Salesforce environment.

Our forthcoming version is set to be a milestone in the ongoing enhancement and evolution of the Avonni Components managed package, bringing remarkable advancements and innovations. We invite you to explore these new and improved functionalities as we advance towards the transformative release of Avonni Components V4, promising a leap towards unprecedented possibilities and improvements in Salesforce User Experience.

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