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Avonni Components V3.4

We couldn't be more excited to roll out Version 3.4 of Avonni Flow Screen Components—a another new...

Step into a New Era with Avonni Components v3.4!

We couldn't be more excited to roll out Version 3.4 of Avonni Flow Screen Components—a another new release that truly transforms your Salesforce experience using the powerful combo of Flow Builder and the Avonni Components.

This update brings new components and features, with a notable addition being the Query Data Source. The Query Data Source provides a significant advancement from the traditional 'Get Records' in Salesforce, allowing for real-time and dynamic interactions with your data. In this update, we'll also discuss other improvements, from Welcome Mats to Kanban Boards, to enhance your Salesforce tasks. Avonni Components 3.4 aims to improve efficiency and user experience

Ready to transform your Salesforce experience? Read on.

Special Feature Spotlight: Query Data Source

Tired of the limitations that come with the 'Get Records' element? Our groundbreaking Query Data Source feature is here to change that. This feature allows you to create queries right within the Data Table component, providing a more direct and efficient way to manage large datasets.

Introducing the Query Data Source: A Game-Changer for Your Avonni Components in Salesforce


The Query Data Source feature offers improved data management for Avonni's Data Table, List, Carousel, and Map Components. It addresses several challenges presented by Salesforce's 'Get Records' method, making data handling more efficient.

New Query Data Source options

Why You Need Query Mode

Comparison with 'Get Records' element from Flow Builder
  1. Record Capacity: 'Get Records' can fetch up to 50,000 records. Query Mode does not have a limit.
  2. Query Types: 'Get Records' allows basic queries, whereas Query Mode supports complex queries, including sub-queries.
  3. Field Access: With 'Get Records', access is limited to fields on the queried object. Query Mode provides access to fields from related objects.
  4. Dynamic vs. Static Queries: 'Get Records' mainly supports static queries. Query Mode offers dynamic query creation based on runtime variables.
  5. Pagination: 'Get Records' does not support pagination for large data sets, but Query Mode does.

Advantages of Query Mode

  1. Real-Time Updates: Data updates across components without needing manual intervention.
  2. Flexibility: Easily filter, sort, and navigate data using Query Mode's settings.
  3. Customization: Adjust data presentation and specific features in various components.

Components Powered by Query Mode

  • Data Table: Define your data details.
  • List: Customize your list views.
  • Carousel: Visualize data interactively.
  • Map: Access geographic data fields and set filters.
  • Additional components will be supported soon.

In Summary

The Query Data Source offers an improved method for interacting with data in Salesforce compared to 'Get Records'. It provides a more dynamic and real-time data management approach, with increased customization options within Avonni's range of components.

New Components: The Game-Changers

Welcome Mat: Your Interactive Educational Hub

Introducing the Welcome Mat—a component designed to make your Salesforce experience interactive and educational. It comprises two distinct sections: the informational left pane for educational content and the actionable right pane for, well, action!


  • Customizable Thematic Tiles and Icons: Make the experience uniquely yours.
  • Color Customization: Because your brand matters.
  • Real-time Updates: Always stay in sync, in style.

Kanban Component: A New Era in Workflow Management

Welcome the newest member of our Avonni component suite: the Avonni Kanban Component. This isn't just another board—it's a digital evolution designed to bring your Salesforce data to life. Imagine a Trello-inspired workspace built right into your Salesforce environment. From tracking leads and opportunities to managing custom objects unique to your organization, our Kanban Component serves as a real-time, interactive corkboard.

Perfect Fit for Every Role

  • Sales Managers: Get a bird's-eye view of your pipeline and watch deals progress from 'Prospecting' to 'Closed Won' in real-time.
  • Customer Service Coordinators: Achieve ticket-resolution zen! Easily track and manage customer queries from start to finish.
  • Project Managers: Keep your eye on the prize! Visualize milestones and task statuses to ensure your project is always on track.

No matter your role, adapt this component to meet your specific needs—all with a splash of visual flair! 🎨

Features that Make a Difference

Display Options

  • Variant: Customize the appearance of the Kanban board to better align with your branding or project theme.
  • Hide Column Header: A cleaner look with hidden group headers.
  • Read-Only: Lock the board to prevent any unintended changes.

Item Actions and Header Customizations

  • Actionable Items: Quick action buttons at the top-right of each item for immediate, item-level operations.
  • Dynamic Header: Modify Title, Caption, Icons, and Actions for a header that speaks to your workflow needs.

Filtering and Searching

  • Filtering Option: Advanced filtering capabilities available through a user-friendly popover.
  • Search Engine Option: Search through the Kanban items, making large boards manageable and navigable.

Column Ordering and Data Sources

  • Column Order Direction: Take control over the direction in which your columns are ordered.
  • Dynamic Data Source: Choose between static or variable data, allowing for greater flexibility in how you represent objects and tasks.


  • On-Item Action Click: Define what happens when users interact with item-level actions.
  • On Header Action: Create triggers for header action buttons.
  • On Item Drop: For instance, auto-update records when a user drags an item to a different column, saving changes in real-time.

Style It Your Way

Customize everything from the Header Title to the Card Description. With granular control over the look and feel, you can make sure the Kanban board fits seamlessly into your Salesforce UI.

Data Handling

Utilize your flow resources to generate dynamic or static data within the Kanban. The Data Source section lets you create columns and associate them with your DataTable, offering unparalleled customization in data representation.


Bring clarity, functionality, and an aesthetic edge to your Salesforce tasks with Avonni’s Kanban Component. Stay organized, stay efficient, and most importantly, stay ahead.

Existing Component Improvements: Fine-Tuning Your Experience

Upload Image: More Control Over Your Content

We've enhanced our Upload Image property with a new Image Privacy Setting option right within the Property Editor. This nifty feature allows you to toggle the privacy settings of your images effortlessly, making them accessible for public viewing and sharing in Salesforce without the added hassle. Now, you can manage image privacy right where you upload them—simplifying your workflow and saving you time.

Making an image publicly available is now easier.

Advanced Map Markers

With the Avonni Map Component, you can now add Circle, Rectangle, and Polygon markers. More than just points on a map, these markers make your data spatially precise and visually compelling.

Vertical Visual Picker: The Art of Adaptability

Say goodbye to fixed dimensions! The Vertical Visual Picker now uses a max-width setting, providing a responsive experience across different screen sizes.

Input Counter: A Design That Works for You

The Input Counter component now offers alignment options and a 'Hide Value' feature, so your form can be as neat or as detailed as you need it to be.

Bug Fixes

Map Component: We've added a height adjustment option so you can achieve the perfect vertical balance for your maps.

Final Thoughts

Version 3.4 is designed to elevate your Salesforce experience to new heights, combining the power of new components with the finesse of upgraded features. We are incredibly excited for you to experience these updates.

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For further insights, questions, or comments, feel free to reach out. Your feedback drives our innovation.

The Avonni Team

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