Deliver creative solutions to make users happy.

Create Salesforce Lightning components and pages only with drag and drop. Polish your work for a final result you'll be proud to show to your collaborators.

Solve problems visually

Customize layouts for both Salesforce desktop and mobile interface. Get a preview of your prototypes, test and validate everything.

Ensuring alignment faster.

With Avonni's visual modeling approach, it's easy to conduct user testing and gather feedback. Being able to understand the exact functionality of the desired output will help to interact with business users.

Automatically translated into code.

Avonni automatically generates all the UI code you need to take a prototype from design to development. This advanced feature will help to smooth the design-to-dev handoff process.

Easy hand off to devs
Speed up the development process.

Quickly build all the components and pages you need with a powerful visual tool. Avonni’s rapid development interface helps reduce the need for changes during development and thus increases productivity.To facilitate your work with developers, deploy and update your components on Salesforce with one click only. No more misunderstandings between you and the developers as the entire team will work on the same source of truth.

Get everyone on the same page.

Add annotations and feedback to keep collaborators in the loop. Avoid the constant back and forth of tangled chains of communication and empower anyone on your team to make changes.Receive and post comments to improve collaboration. Anyone can annotate your work with notes, figures and hand drawings. Quickly share all the information with visuals.

Speed up the thinking and the development process

Create, design and collaborate around the Salesforce Lightning UI.