Transform Your Salesforce Flows with Avonni’s Advanced Components

Awaken a world of possibilities and redefine your Salesforce prowess. Discover the Avonni magic that lets you manifest brilliance without writing a single line of code.

Components library
Empower Your Flows with Dynamic Screen Components.

Unleash your imagination and elevate your Salesforce Flows to extraordinary heights! Our rich library of custom Flow Screen Components is your playground, offering a stunning array of user-friendly interfaces that breathe life into your projects—no coding needed.

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Property Editor
Shape Components with Your Unique Vision.

Every component is your canvas. Immerse yourself in a realm of options that allow you to shape and define each component to your heart's desire. Craft intricate business solutions by tweaking labels, variants, and functionalities effortlessly with our suite.

Configure interactions
Breathe Life into Your Components with Intuitive Interactions.

Unlock a symphony of interactions and elevate your user experience, harnessing the true might of Flow Builder. With just a click, set off a cascade of events - be it a subtle notification, invoking a new flow, or unveiling a modal box. Your dream interaction is now a reality.

Custom styling
Unleash your creativity with advanced theming settings.

Why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? Dive into an ocean of theming choices, and adorn each component with hues, layouts, and styles that echo your vision. From vibrant backgrounds to sleek borders, your components reflect your essence.

Canvas Editor
Experience Real-Time Magic with Live Component Customization.

Sculpt perfection in real-time. Witness the evolution of your Flow Screen Components right before your eyes, without getting lost in a maze of menus. For instance, weave together your data table component as you navigate vast data landscapes, all from the convenience of the canvas.

Transform Your Salesforce Journey

Dive deep into a transformative experience, crafting solutions and stories with our vast ensemble of flow components and actions for Salesforce Flows. Begin your journey to redefine what's possible for your business.

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