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Helping Salesforce Admins ignite the spark of innovation by exploring a new way to empower Salesforce without the help of a developer.

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Powerful Flow Screen Components

Avonni Flow Component Builder comes with custom Flow Screen Components and Actions specifically crafted for Flow Builder. Instead of hunting down your resources, put together a Lightning Component in a few minutes.

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Property Editor
Customize component properties

Every component has a unique property set that allows you to customize and configure it. Edit the label, and the variant, or enable other functionalities like data mapping to build complex business solutions with our suite of screen components.

Configure interactions
Easily add interactivity to screen components.

It's easy to create the desired user experience by using the power of Flow Builder. You will find all types of interactions you need to make your component interact with your Salesforce. From a simple click, you can launch a notification, call another flow, open a modal box and more.

Custom styling
Unleash your creativity with advanced theming settings.

There are countless ways to configure, style, and theme each component. Use the advanced theming feature to easily change a flow screen component's layout, background color, text, borders and more.

Canvas Editor
Live component customization.

Fine-tune your Flow Screen Components on the fly with live adjustments directly from the canvas – no need to dig through menus and options! For example, build your data table component directly from the canvas when working with large data sets.

Bring your Screen Flows to the next level

Build salesforce flows that solve your business's problems with an easy-to-use and extensive selection of flow components and actions.