The best way to prototype
Sales & Service Cloud designs

Transform your ideas into an interactive and realistic Salesforce prototype for Sales or Service Cloud in less than 5 minutes.

Create stunning prototypes that feel like a real Salesforce

Turn your ideas into powerful Salesforce prototypes with an intuitive drag-and-drop tool.

Access all the Lightning Design System blueprints

Supercharge your creativity process with Avonni Components

Provide a consistent look and user experience across devices

Ready-made templates help you focus on creating Sales & Service Cloud prototypes

Start creating your design by finding inspiring templates for every use case you can imagine. Mix and match ready-made, customizable templates tailored for Sales & Service Cloud. Customize the content, save time and accelerate your workflow.

Collaborate and Present to Stakeholders

It is super easy to invite teammates and stakeholders to collaborate and give feedback around your Sales or Service Cloud prototype.

Annotate your work with notes, figures, comments and more

Post comments and create discussion threads

Invite anyone into your collaborative process

How to use Avonni to
prototype Sales or Service Cloud

Avonni is more than just a prototyping tool for Salesforce Lightning — it’s also a complete solution to design, prototype, build and collaborate around Salesforce. From finding inspiration to keeping your team engaged until the end, Avonni keeps things streamlined and simple at every step.

1. Pick your project type

Select the Prototype Project to have the ability to create a Sales or Service Cloud prototype with multiple pages and components. Experience Components projects are exclusively dedicated to Web Components.

2. Create pages

Create as many pages as you want for your prototype. Customize the layout and add them to the Salesforce navigation menu. Resize the layout to get a preview for both Salesforce desktop and mobile interface.


Drag UI elements

Add visual elements with native Salesforce Lightning elements and Avonni Components. Need inspiration? Explore the hundreds of templates created for every use case you can imagine.

4. Bring your Salesforce Metadata

Wouldn’t it be great if you could import existing objects, fields and layouts from your Salesforce into Avonni? It's easy with just a few clicks. No need to recreate everything from scratch.

5. Run a brainstorming workshop

Validate early and often by allowing all your stakeholders to comment and review your prototype, leaving no room for misunderstandings.

6. Present to stakeholders

Present your work, share ideas, test assumptions to stakeholders. By using Avonni, you're creating a powerful demo that makes it easy to buy into your vision.

Start prototyping your Sales & Service Cloud today.

Get the most out of your design by bringing your ideas to life.