Transform the way you execute your projects

Easy drive projects to

Delight your stakeholders by validating features instantly. Iterate, experiment and change as fast as you learn.

Implement improvements

Make any improvements or customizations on the fly.

Facilitate communication
with the stakeholders

Collaborate around a common visual model and translate requirements into user stories.

Easy drive projects to completion

Identifying key user needs

Avonni's app are an easy way to conduct user testing and gather feedback. Understand the exact functionality of the final product and have a good usability.

Improving project success

By capturing requirements effectively and visually, you are more likely to have a successful outcome both in terms of client satisfaction and on time/on budget delivery.

Iterating as fast as you learn

With Creator or Builder, each new iteration offers a plethora of behaviors and functions to validate. And with more data, you can iterate both faster and smarter.

Implement improvements faster

Shortening development cycle

Avonni’s rapid development interface helps reduce the need for changes during development, and thus increase productivity.

Validating features with stakeholders

Avonni's feedback feature help users give feedback and avoid the constant back and forth of tangled chains of communication.

Facilitate communication with the stakeholders

Improving communication

Avonni's app create a shared language that everyone can understand. Be sure to be on the same page and know exactly what's expected to complete the project.

Sign off with the client

By building your Lightning app or Component before starting to code you are allowing end-users to see the project working on a real device long before taking the time to code it.

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