Meet the new Avonni Creator

Announcing a brand-new prototyping experience. 

Today, We’re so excited to share with you what we’ve been working on for the last several months. That new version unlocks new, more productive ways to design Lightning Prototypes. Our goal at Avonni is to help people create the world’s best enterprise app experiences prototypes. And today, we’re a step closer to that goal.

What’s new?

Avonni Creator is a powerful prototyping tool to design Lightning Application, and in the old Avonni Creator it could feel overwhelming to get started with so many Elements available. To fix that, the product needed some big changes. In fact, the number one request from users was an improved design to make it a more seamless experience. The new Avonni Creator is redesigned to make prototyping projects to completion easier, so users can get on board quickly to achieve their goals.

Refreshed experience for the Lightning Application prototypes

Now, when you start using a Lightning Application prototype, it’s simple. Start from one of the App templates available or create your own LEX prototype. Then, standard components (like the ones on the App Builder) appear first and it makes clearer where to start and how to find the information you want to prototype your pages.

Say hello to Utility bar items

Utility bar is a key productivity resource as it provides shortcuts to users to various part of Salesforce. Avonni Creator now comes with an easy way to design utility bar items into your Lightning Application prototypes.

Easier on-boarding with Objects and Fields

We updated Avonni Creator to be more intuitive for users. Objects and Fields are now part of the prototyping creation process. Simply create your objects. Drag a new or an existing field inside the canvas and you’re set. Adjust field settings like values, description or help text.

Avonni Creator only handles Objects and Fields creation. Importing existing objects and fields from your Salesforce org is not part of this release. 

Make better and more realistic Lightning dashboards

In a data-driven world, Business users need to create charts and graphs for their dashboards. And to turn data into compelling stories, they want to be able to prototype with different forms of charts – and customize the results to suit both their business and their audience.

We’ve worked hard to improve every aspect of that experience, making it faster and easier for users to customize and communicate their data in a more Lightning visual form.

Look and Feel of the new Lightning Charts

Part of this release, we’ve added 4 new charts elements:

  • Line
  • Metric
  • Stacked
  • Table

In that same section, you can now customize colors in your dashboard by choosing a light or dark theme and one of 14 color palettes. Themes and color palettes help you organize and curate data in your dashboard. For example, highlight a set of summary metrics by giving them a dark theme and setting them against a light-themed dashboard.

A true mobile prototyping experience

You can now easily create responsive prototypes for Desktop and mobile in just a few clicks. No more tool-hopping, no more responsive workarounds. You’re one click away from better responsive design. Delight your stakeholders with brilliant mobile and web experiences that will stand out.

Lightning Theme

You can now brand your prototype to match your business's brand. Create your own custom theme with just a few clicks. Branding your prototype includes the ability to customize the Brand color, Page background color and the Global Header background color. Theme is only available for Lightning Application design type. 

What about my prototypes created so far?

Your prototypes will continue to work as usual. However, in order to enjoy some of the new features listed here, you may need to recreate some of your pages. Learn more here. 

What’s next

This is only the beginning of our prototyping journey. In upcoming releases, we’ll be adding more advanced features as well as other useful productivity tools. Stay tuned!