A new way to prototype Salesforce Communities

Salesforce Communities are a great way to help organizations engage their customers, partners, suppliers and employees. The power of Salesforce Communities is all about connecting with others and organizations are able to build branded community spaces where users can connect, collaborate, and get work done. 

Starting today, we’re delighted to announce a new way to prototype a Salesforce Community site to validate requirements for specific use cases. You’re now able to benefit from a quicker, clearer and more customized design process to prototype a high-fidelity Community site. With today’s release, we make things even easier to collaborate with others around a Salesforce Community prototype.

Prototyping Communities sites with less effort

Building a Community site quickly and effectively requires a bit of knowledge and time to make it work without being sure it will fit end-users needs. So, how can you create a Community site faster by prototyping it first? How do you validate the solution before implementing it? How do you create pages variation to get approval?  

All of this can feel overwhelming to tackle by yourself. But don’t worry––Avonni’s got your back.

Use templates to prototype faster

We’re excited to announce our new Community templates gallery. With the new templates, you get a clear design and an awesome starting point for your projects. Templates stay flexible so you can edit them to fit your organization’s or client’s specific needs. It’s now easier to start a new Community prototype the right way and that will also look and feel like a real Community site.

Enhance the Community experience

Any new Community prototypes can be customized to reflect your brand’s look. We added more specific settings to customize the look and feel of your Community site. We also created exclusive components for Communities prototypes.

Communities Components

Create record button

The Create Button component lets you add a Community-style button with no radius. Any interaction action can be set on the button.


With the Header component you now have many options and controls for changing the look and feel of a page. Options and controls include the height, colors, icons, and even the variant. Combining adjustments to the header with adjustments to the hero section, if you use it, offers usability, variation, and visual interest. 


The Hero component is all about visual impact where a large image is the visual field to grab attention. Everything from the Hero Component is customizable. Add your own image, customize the text, set the layout and add buttons. We also added some Hero templates to give some inspiration. 

Tile menu

Add an intuitive and visually navigation experience in your Community prototype by linking your own images to pages. For example, clicking an image takes a customer to a page to log a case or file a claim.

And more

Other exclusively components for Communities prototypes are available like: 

  • HTML Editor
  • Lead Inbox
  • Navigation menu
  • Record list

As you can see, all it takes is a few drag and drop Communit components to create amazing Communities prototypes. And it’s the perfect way to stay focused on the user experience. 

Got an idea for Avonni Creator? We want to hear it! Reach out to us @avonnicreator, check our public roadmap to see what's coming next, and bookmark our Changelog to see the latest updates.