Rapid prototyping, testing and handoff for Salesforce.

Transform the way you create Salesforce prototypes down to the smallest detail. Design, prototype and collaborate to bring your ideas to life.

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Design prototypes that work and feel like a real Salesforce

Avonni is exclusively dedicated to Salesforce Lightning. Delight your stakeholders by validating features instantly. Iterate, experiment and change as fast as you learn.

250+ Lightning Components

Get access to all standard Lightning Components. Easily create a prototype that will follow Salesforce standards.

Responsive design

Customize layouts for both Salesforce desktop and mobile interface. Get a preview of your prototypes, test and validate.

Salesforce integration

Import existing objects, fields and layouts from your Salesforce into Avonni. No need to recreate everything from scratch.

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Create your Salesforce prototype in 6 easy steps


Pick your project type

Select the Prototype Project to have the ability to create a Salesforce prototype.


Create pages

Create as many pages as you want for your prototype and customize the layout.


Drag UI elements

Add visual elements with native Salesforce Lightning elements and Avonni Components.


Bring your Salesforce metadata

Easily import your existing objects, fields and layouts from your Salesforce into Avonni.


Run brainstorming workshop

Validate early by allowing all your stakeholders to comment and review your prototype.


Present to stakeholders

Present your work, share ideas, test assumptions to stakeholders.

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