Provide developers all the information they need

Quickly go from design to code with developer-ready specs for Salesforce Lightning.

A seamless handoff process

Auto-generated code

Use a visual modeling approach to get all the UI Code generated automatically.

Get all the specs

From markup to HTML and Javascript, developers have everything they need.

One-click deployment

Deploy all the source code directly on Salesforce and be up and running in no time.

Collaborate better together

Say hello to a more simple and seamless collaborative prototyping experience.

Instantly turn prototypes into code, specs and assets.

Turn designs into markup code, Javascript and CSS code — specifically tailored for Salesforce. No more misunderstanding between designers and developers as the entire team can collaborate to ship beautiful Lightning Components together.

Get Markup, Javascript, CSS and Metadata code

Build the UI visually or code it right from the application

Access specs and source code anytime you want

Automatic code generation that makes sense

The Markup, CSS and Javascript codes are generated automatically and developers can use them directly. The automatic code generation process also saves time when translating design elements into a fully working Lightning Web Component.

Push on Salesforce with a single click

Lightning Web Components created using Avonni are only one-click away from a Salesforce org. From HTML to Javascript, CSS and metadata, Avonni will deploy all the necessary code directly onto Salesforce. Your components will be up and running in no time.

Share all the specs with developers effectively

Whenever developers have questions about work made through Avonni, they can leave a comment or an annotation to solve problems and enable better business and development alignment.

Improve communication with comments & annotations

Work together at the same time

Streamline workflows with team sharing

Design and communicate better

Work with always-up-to-date prototypes and push things forward on Salesforce. No more back-and-forth between stakeholders and developers. Just a more simple and seamless collaborative prototyping experience.

Share and review

Invite product managers, stakeholders and developers for perfect collaboration while keeping everyone in the loop. We are making design and prototyping more inclusive, collaborative and innovative.

Get instant feedback

Access all the comments and improvements without delay. Enjoy efficient communication and quick feedback for constant improvement and stakeholder buy-in.

Ready to build code-efficient Lightning Web Components?

Start working smarter with an easier handoff process.