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Avonni provides a low-code platform for Salesforce Lightning. Explore our full list of features below.

Drag & Drop building

Standard Salesforce Components

Access to the standard Lightning Components. Easily create a Web Component that follows Salesforce standards.

Avonni Components

Get access to a rich set of customizable, pre-made components to extend the possibilities of what you can do with Salesforce Lightning.

Icon Library

Get access to the official SLDS icons library from Salesforce with thousands of icons that can be resized and recolored.

Image library

Use tons of free and captivating images provided by Unsplash, one of the world's leading photography websites.

Image editor

Edit images right from Avonni. While Avonni is not a photo editing tool, we do provide a way for you to make some quick edits.

Customizable Templates

Access beautifully designed, fully compatible, ready-to-use templates to save you time and accelerate your creative process.

Team Templates

Templates lets you create a set of Lightning components prototypes as custom templates and reuse them throughout any of your projects.


Visual CSS Editor

Create CSS classes visually to make style changes across multiple elements at the same time.

Assets manager

Upload or manage all the assets for your Web components creation right from Avonni.

SLDS Styling hooks

Configure all the styling hooks from the Lightning Design System and easily customize your component styling.

Page Variations

Salesforce page variations allow you to set elements visibility for each variation of a specific page.

Design Types

Lightning Applications

Prototype an entire Lightning Application with the navigation menu, console and mobile view as well as the global Salesforce header.

Lightning Pages

Create and mockup an app page, a home page, a record page for your Lightning Application prototype.  

Lightning Web Components

Quickly build a Lightning web component with a powerful visual tool for adding, editing, moving, cloning and deleting UI elements


Prototype Salesforce Community website.

Lightning Flows

Design Lightning Flows screens with all the UI elements available.


Design Salesforce Dashboards page with customizable Lightning-like charts.


Web-based Editor

No need to download any software. Just log in through a browser window to start using Avonni.

Drag & Drop

Get access to an intuitive drag and drop interface for all building elements for rapid prototyping.

Link group of elements

Easily group, arrange and move groups of UI elements for a better usability.


Set the ruler to easily scale things for different screen resolutions and adapt it for desktop, tablet and mobile.

Copy between designs

Easily copy an element or group of elements to speed up your creation process.

Code Editor

Type your own code directly with our integrated code editor and get a visual translation instantly.

Page variations

By creating page variations, you define alternative UI elements on the page level.

Salesforce integration & Export

Import from Salesforce

Import your metadata directly on Avonni and save a great deal of time. From Objects, Fields to Layout, Related list and more.

Deploy to Salesforce

Deploy and update your Lightning web components to Salesforce in one click with full compatibility.

Export to PNG

Easily export your pages or components as a hi-resolution PNG image.



Invite teammates and stakeholders to participate, grab code, and give feedback in one place.

Capture snapshots

Share a version of your design taken at a particular point in time. Share a snapshot to continue working without fear of breaking the preview.


Get feedback from other designers or reviewers. People can add comments and create discussion threads to give feedback.

Automatic Code Generation

Markup Code

The Markup code is generated automatically and developers can use it directly.

Javascript Code

The Javascript code for the UI is generated automatically and developers can use it directly.

CSS Code

The CSS code is generated automatically and developers can use the styling code directly.

Metadata Code

Avonni generates the Metadata code automatically.

Support & Documentation


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Video tutorials

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256-bit encryption

We use AES 256 encryption for sensitive data, utilizing both the ECDSA and RSA algorithms. Our servers only support the highest level of encryption.


We don’t rent, sell, trade or disclose your personal information to third parties without your consent. Access to customer data by Avonni employees is limited.

ISO/IEC 27001

Avonni's app uses ISO 27001, PCI DSS Level 1, HIPAA, and SOC 1, 2, and 3 compliant data centres according to security best practises.


Users management

Advanced user management allows you to control, manage and change users' access at any time with ease.

Unlimited Viewers

Invite as many viewers as you want so they will be able to view, annotate, and comment on the work you’ve shared.

Company-wide templates

Create your own internal library of Lightning Components that stay in sync across your team.

SAML & SSO Integration

Smoothly integrate Avonni with your SSO for easy access and secure team/user management.

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